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Pricing Information

Cost per hour is $200 and includes:

  • Evaluation

  • Comprehensive treatment

  • Personalized exercise program

  • Text, email and phone access to your PT between sessions

  • Continued wellness support for your physical goals


Do you take my insurance?

In most traditional physical therapy clinics, a physical therapist could see 2 to 4 patients per hour to receive enough reimbursement from the insurance companies. Patients are often guided through exercises by untrained aides and there is significant time devoted to passive modalities such as ice, heat, and ultrasound.  Insurance companies also restrict how many visits you may receive and which body parts may be treated based on a physician's referral. This can lead to unnecessary medical visits and restricts a physical therapist's ability to treat you as a whole person.

Tolt Travel Therapy is not contracted with any private insurance companies. We provide one-on-one, individualized care, treating the specific needs of each client without the health insurance company’s arbitrary constraints. This allows us to optimize your time and treat the most appropriate body parts related to improving your function and comfort. This also gives us the flexibility to treat you for as little or as long as your body and condition requires without being “cut off” by the insurance company's restrictions.

If you do have private insurance, upon request, Tolt Travel Therapy can provide a receipt, or "superbill," including the billing and diagnosis codes that may be submitted to your insurance for out-of-network reimbursement. The amount of reimbursement will vary with different carriers.

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