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Get ready to feel better!

Are you a motivated, active adult who is recovering from injury or starting a new physical goal?

It’s time for Tolt Travel Therapy!

At Tolt Travel Therapy, we understand that your schedule is busy and you need a plan that works. It can be complicated to find the right person to help you and overwhelming to navigate the medical system. Tolt Travel Therapy is your "one stop shop" for time saving care in the comfort of your own home.


We help active adults recover from injury and achieve their peak performance without medication. 


We can help by providing mobile, concierge physical therapy services in your home, office, gym or anywhere that is convenient for you!  We follow a primary care physical therapy philosophy to address all of your needs and refer to other providers as appropriate. Your therapist will complete a full body assessment during the initial visit and provide comprehensive care to improve your work, recreation and life.  Our approach to rehabilitation is time-efficient, individualized, and integrated with your daily activities to help you achieve your peak performance!

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Can we address your problem? Contact us and let's talk!

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