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Meet Dr. Janna Ott

Dr. Ott has been practicing physical therapy for over 12 years. She has a doctorate degree in physical therapy and uses a primary care physical therapy approach, which gives her the skills to diagnose your condition and ensure that you are receiving the best care from head to toe. Dr. Ott is an Ergonomic Certified Specialist and also has training in aquatic physical therapy. She uses a hands-on, holistic approach to diagnose and treat physical conditions and focuses on exercise-based tools that clients can use for a lifetime.

When not working with clients or operating Tolt Travel Therapy, Dr. Ott loves to run, hike, rock climb, participate in multiple snow sports, and cook for her family and friends. She has a Miniature Schnauzer named Vik!

Building Tolt Travel Therapy

While working in private and hospital-based physiotherapy outpatient clinics, I was frustrated by limitations in the care I could provide for my patients. I view myself as a detective of the body: sometimes a client will come in with one issue, but after gathering all the evidence, learning about a client's life, their home set up, how their body functions, and what their goals are, I discover that working on a completely different body part is the answer to the problem!  Unfortunately, the limitations of a traditional physical therapy practice didn't allow me put my detective skills to work due to time constraints and insurance company restrictions.  

With the goal of providing excellent primary care to all of my clients, I was excited to learn about a new model in physical therapy: the mobile physical therapist! A mobile practice allows me the ability to deeply understand each person, how their body functions and what goals they are working to reach. Unlike many medical providers, I have the time and freedom to educate clients about their condition and collaborate on a treatment plan that works for them. More benefits to the mobile physical therapy practice include: treatment times that can be tailored to each patient, an unlimited number of client visits, flexible scheduling, and less stress for clients (taking time off, driving to a clinic or finding childcare). Finally, I use physical therapy to facilitate a change in your lifestyle. The mobile model allows me to support clients throughout their journey and to continue guiding wellness and health long after the acute injury has been resolved.

Ready to start your lifestyle change?

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